Best Pet Supplies Voyager Pet Harness Review

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Quick Overview





  • Can be worn during all kinds of weather
  • Comfortable for your pet
  • Safe to use even at night
  • Very simple yet effective design
  • Plenty of color and pattern options


  • More reflective strips needed
  • Won’t fit smaller cats or kittens

Leash training your cat allows you both to discover new places together. If you have a house cat, live near a busy road, or live in an apartment, it may be your cat's only chance of going outside.

Finding a good harness that your cat will feel comfortable in is hugely important. This means that they won’t get too hot when they’re out walking, and they can still move around freely even when not on the leash. We took a closer look at the pet harness from Best Pet Supplies to see how it fits the bill.

Best Pet Supplies Voyager Pet Harness

Best Pet Supplies aim to be your one-stop-shop for everything you need for your pets. Supplying a range of products that you and your pets will love. These include anything from harnesses and beds to treats and toys.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is suitable for cat and dog owners who are looking for a harness for their pet. It can be used with a leash for leash walking, and it won’t strain as much as a collar. This harness is not suitable for smaller cats or kittens as the smallest chest size accommodated is 13 inches.

What’s Included?

Every purchase comes with one harness in your choice of size and color. A leash is not supplied with this product, so it should be purchased separately if needed.

Overview of the Features

This harness is a step-in type of harness that we really like as some cats really hate having things put over their head. It does require a fair amount of training, but if your cat enjoys being on their leash, then they should take to stepping into their harness easily when rewarded with a treat and a walk!

The harness closes behind your cat with a large, strong Velcro strap and buckle, and then the leash clips to double D rings that come off each side of the buckle. This offers great security when walking your cat. Having tension on the leash will pull the harness up snugly around your cat's body, leaving them less wiggle-free room.

The breathable mesh fabric that the harness is made from is fantastic. It’s suitable for all-year-round walks without worrying that your cat will get too hot. It’s also really soft, with smooth and padded edges so it must be really comfortable for them to wear too. This harness is clearly manufactured with great attention to detail. It is designed to last you and your cat through many walks to come.

With 16 colors to choose from, the harness also features reflective strips on the material, which is great if you’re planning to take walks with your kitty when it’s dark. This harness could be well teamed with a reflective leash to make sure that any traffic on the road can clearly see that you have a pet with you.

How to Use This Pet Harness

This is a step-in design harness, so you need to train your cat to step into the armholes of the harness. You should take your training slowly and try to tempt them into the harness with treats. You could also try putting the harness in front of their food bowl so that they have to step into the harness to reach their food.

If they try to go around the harness, rather than step into it, take their food and harness away from them. Replace the food or treat with the harness after 10 minutes and try again. Within three or four tries, your cat will understand that the harness comes with food and will be more willing to step into it.

Once you have their paws through the armholes, then you should continue to distract them with treats while you pull the harness up to meet their belly and chest. Velcro and buckle it shut behind them. Help them grow accustomed to it by letting them wear it for a short period each day before attempting to take them on a walk.


If your cat is used to their harness being pulled over their head, then you may wish to stick with the same design. In which case, you could consider this Soft Mesh Harness from Puptek. This pulls over the head, and clips shut on one side after you’ve poked one leg through the other hole.

This harness is also made from a really great breathable mesh fabric. It has nice cushioned edges to make the harness comfortable for your feline friend. It will fit a slightly smaller 12-inch chest size than the Best Pet Supplies harness.

The straps on this harness are adjustable to fit around the chest and stomach but not around the neck. There is also a D loop to attach your leash to. This harness comes in six really cute prints, including a Burberry inspired design.


We really love the cute designs offered by the Puptek harness, and the quality and material of this harness are also fantastic. However, we still prefer the harness from Best Pet Supplies for several reasons.

The fabric and comfort of the harness are really great, which is always the most important factor, but this harness also attaches to a leash with double D loops. This makes the harness so much more secure. Add to that the reflective strips attached to the front of the harness, and we feel that your cat will be much safer in this harness than the one from Puptek.

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