Eagloo Cat Harness Review

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Quick Overview





  • Keeps your cat comfortable
  • Easy to remove and adjust
  • Safe to wear even during night walks
  • Available in different colors


  • Not suitable for smaller cats
  • Takes some time getting used to

By teaching your cat how to walk on a leash, you can open up the outdoors world to them. For traditionally indoor cats, it allows them safe access to a world they’ve never known. For cats that like to roam on a leash, they can roam and explore new places.

Cats don’t take to leashes as well as dogs, so you will need to do some research on harness and leash training. A comfortable harness will go a long way in ensuring that your cat feels happy and safe once strapped in.

There are plenty of cat harnesses to choose from, and many people also use small dog and pet harnesses for this purpose. In this review, we take a look at the cat harness from Eagloo to see what it can do for you as a cat owner who wishes to walk their kitty on a leash.

Eagloo Cat Harness

Eagloo manufactures a range of high-quality harness and leash products for dogs and cats. They retail them online and through many local and national pet stores. More than this, they are also known for providing some great advice on how to adopt a harness into a cat's daily life.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is ideal for someone looking to take their cat out on walks. If you need to keep your cat away from other cats for any reason at all, a harness will allow you to let them walk outside, all while keeping an eye on their antics.

If you have a permanent house cat that may enjoy being outside, if you live in an apartment or on a busy road, or if you just want some healthy time together, this harness will be ideal.

However, this product is not suitable for use on a kitten or smaller cats. Harness walking should not be enforced if your cat doesn’t enjoy it.

What’s Included?

You will receive one harness depending on your choice of size (XS, medium, and large). These have four adjustable straps and two quick-release buckles. It should be noted, however, that some customers have reported that even the XS size won’t tighten up enough to fit some cats that are on the smaller size. The XS size is designed to fit cats with 13- to 17-inch chests.

The company also includes a 100% quality guarantee in which they will replace the item free of charge or issue a refund if the quality fails to impress you in any way.

Overview of the Features

This harness is designed for ultimate comfort and is made out of soft fabric. It comes with soft cushioned edges, offering extra protection against injuries. The fabric is a breathable mesh, making this harness fantastic for all weathers as your cat won’t get too hot in the winter. It’s lightweight too, so it won’t restrict your cat's movements on your daily stroll like a bulky harness would.

The harness is advertised as being escape-proof, but we’re sure that a determined cat could probably wriggle its way out of it. It’s not only comfortable for your cat to wear but also easy for them to wear and use, as it slips over the head and buckles up at the front. You can take the harness off in just a couple of seconds by releasing the buckles at the front, and the four adjustable straps assure that you’ll get a custom fit for your cat.

A metal ring is located at the back of the harness for hooking onto the leash. This allows better control and helps not to exert pressure on your cat's neck. This cat harness looks really cute on, and you can choose from five different colors to match your cat’s personality. It also features reflective stripes to keep your cat visible and safe on night walks and runs.

How to Get the Most out of It

The best way to get the most out of this harness is to make the walk a pleasurable experience for you and your cat. You can start by letting him get used to the harness by having it near him, as well as playing with him using the harness as a teaser toy.

Next, you should put your harness on your cat before feeding time so that you can reward him with food as well as affection. Soon, he’ll start to associate the harness with food and see it as a positive thing. Start the walks short and in quiet locations until he gets used to being on a leash and around alien sounds and smells.


If you need a harness for a smaller cat, then you could try this Escape-Proof Cat Harness from Scenereal. This comes in a small size that fits a chest girth of 10.5 to 12.4 inches. The fabric used is soft and breathable to keep your cat cozy.

This harness also utilizes Velcro closures that buckle over at the neck and belly, which we really like. It comes in denim blue or a patterned “coconut blue” and features two metal rings on the back of the harness that link up to a leash to provide better control.


The Eagloo Cat Harness is our preferred harness out of the two as we feel that it is a lot more comfortable for your cat when it’s on. The closures of the harness from Scenereal are really great, but the harness itself is almost twice as heavy as the harness from Eagloo, and we feel that your cat’s comfort is more important than your ease of use!

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